Fraud Risk & Security Emergency Management

Fraud Risk & Security Emergency Management is a Stradvise’s core business unit that offers a diverse range of proactive and responsive services designed for clients at the growth stages of investment. Commercial Risk & Emergency Management of Stradvise helps clients to mitigate and respond the potential or the existing risks on investments against fraud and security. Our services consist of:

Fraud & Compliance Risks
Security Emergency Management

Fraud & Compliance Risks

Stradvise’s Fraud & Compliance Risk are customised services to helps client in relation fraud, legal, compliance and intellectual property risks. Services offered include:

√ Fraud Risk Assessment / Management

√ Fraud & Corruption Enquiries;

√ Asset Verification & Tracing;

√ Anti Fraud, Ethics & Compliance Awareness Training;

√ Brand / Intelectual Property Risk Enquiries;



√ To assist clients in collecting evidence to support legal prosecution standards of proof

√  To educate and raise fraud awareness within an organisation;

√  To review and reinforce existing third party controls;

√  To deter further unethical behavior through the demonstration of corporate intolerance against such behavior;

√  To identify and or uncover further allegations.

Security Emergency Management

Crisis and emergency management is a dynamic process that starts long before the critical event breaks out and continues well beyond its conclusion. The process involves a proactive, a reactive and a reflective component. Each stage in a crisis or emergency entails specific challenges for clients and requires a different approach according to the particular phase in question.


However, if a critical event does occur, one needs to be able to respond to contain the damage, undertake recovery and draw the required lessons to reduce the risk of recurrence. In short, the management process is integrated so as to operate before, during and after a crisis or emergency. Stradvise Provides crisis and emergency management service that have four main stages which are: 1) mitigation, 2) preparedness, 3) response, and 4) recovery. According to this servise we are specialized in Security Consultancy and VVIP Escort.