Business Intelligence & Strategic Advisory

Business Intelligence & Strategic Advisory is a Stradvise’s core business unit that provides a diverse range of proactive and preventive services designed for clients at early stages of investment. Stradvise’s Business Intelligence & Strategic Advisory helps clients to identify and manage the potential or the existing risks on investments in people, business, legal and assets. Our services consist of:

Due Dilligence, Vendor Screening & Background Check
Strategic & Market Intelligence Research
Pre/Post Employment Screening

Due Dilligence (DD), Vendor Screening &

Background Enquiry

How well you know your partners, vendors or your business aquisition target? The potential losses that are originated from entering into contractual arrangements with unsuitable business partners cannot be overstated.


Stradvise’s DD involves looking into the past, present and potential future of the people and a company. Profiling the background, the business standing, ownership and reputation of any potential business counterpart is an essential, but cost-effective, exercise. Stradvise’s standard DD reports are generally fact-reputational finding focused on business reputation, background, links and practices in the form of either a basic or a further detailed, deeper set of enquiries


Stradvise’s commitment to DD service program is reflection based on international best practice and value that an organization (a company) is striving to comply with corporate ethical policies, internal controls and, for some foreign firms, the legal requirement to comply with strict anti-bribery/corruption standards (e.g. US FCPA and UK Bribery Act).


Recommended Subjects:

√ Co-Investors | √ Business Partners | √ Suppliers or Vendors | √ Distributor |

√ Significant Customers | √ Invest Targets  | √ Debtor, etc.

Strategic Market & Intelligence Research

Stradvise’s strategic research begin every market report with a collaborative approach to the research process. Depending on the objective, Stradvise would utilize the right combination of quantitative, qualitative or secondary research methodologies to get the job done.


Stradvise’s Market Intelligence will defining, gathering, analyzing and distributing accurate and relevant intelligence, includes but to limited to the products/brands, customers, competitors, business environment, regulatory and the organization itself. Stradvise’s Strategic Market & Commercial Intelligence Report is a customized report of understanding various knowledge, which can includes but not limited to:


√ Information on a supplier’s financial standing.

√ Political / Public Policy developments.

√ Economic indicators.

√ New product development.

√ Currency market movements.

√ Competition performance.

√ New market entrants.

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Pre/Post Employment Screening

Questionable integrity of employees whose working with you? Stradvise’s Pre and Post Employment Screening Service is aimed to secure an employer from  employment risks which could embarrass the employer and lead to bad publicity or reputational damage; e.g. conflicts of interest / dishonesty, contravention of corporate compliance / fraud issues or wrongdoing, identify inconsistencies, fabrications on the candidate’s résumé, the candidate’s previous  experience and character weaknesses and any previous recorded occasions of criminal, litigation or labour misconduct.


Stradvise perceives that employee is typically a firm’s greatest investment and largest cost, playing a most critical role to a firm’s continuous success and reputation. Regardless of the size of the firms, or the industry of the firms operate in, Pre / Post employment screening are critical requirement of company’s recruitment (pre-hire) and risk management strategy (post-hire).